Monday, August 3, 2009

Brief Update


At present, I am very busy preparing for our son's wedding to his highschool sweetheart on August 8th. I am the clergyperson conducting the service and my husband, also clergy, is playing the organ for the service. Fortunately, the mother of the bride has all responsibility for the reception!

Concurrent with this is my editing work on "Grandmothers' Necklace", the anthology that is being published to raise funds for Grandmothers to Grandmothers, [Stephen Lewis Foundation] which provides assistance to grandmothers in Africa who are raising their grandchildren because the parents, their own children, have died as a result of Aids. There are marvellous contributions from men and women from varying backgrounds and ages and nationalities, speaking from the viewpoint of being grandmothers, or about grandmothers. There are serious, amusing and sentimental pieces, a good mix of poetry and prose. Most are written by people with amazing credentials. Not one is boring. It is an exciting project! Nore news about it later.

A third stream of Elford activity is the preparations of my husband, Robert, and myself for a trip to, and around, Newfoundland, with side trips to Labrador and to Lunenburg, NS. Robert's state of health has indicated that sooner is better than later for this long delayed trip. Newfoundland-Labrador is the only Canadian province in which we haven't either travelled and/or lived. Our youngest son and his new wife will be house- and kitty-sitting for the month that we are away.

Successful submissions of my own writing in various genres in response to a variety of calls, have continued. Most recently, book review, poetry selections, essay, monologue, and a fun acrostic story. Soon, I hope to give a more detailed outline of my writing and editing areas, for "shoppers".

As a professional member of The Word Guild, I will have some of them posted in their materials. However, we, the free-lance writers, particularly if we are also editors, are limited to too small a selection of categories for it to accurately reflect the writing areas in which I and some others are active.

As a free-lance writer and editor, it is important to me that people do not do a search and miss my credentials/experience because our posts have to be limited in number to meet publication needs. It is my intention, therefore, to refer people to this somewhat inert "blog" via The Word Guild materials as a way of expanding upon that information while keeping within their guidelines. I certainly hope that this will be a successful move. Why? As soon as the main editing of the GN anthology is completed, I will be available and EAGER for more writing and editing work!

Now, I'm back to preparing for the wedding service. Thank you for checking in. I regret that I've been so busy with teaching, writing,editing, and personal matters that you may have wasted time checking in for new messages. No, I don't regret that I've been busy in those ways. What I regret is that you may have wasted your time!